Prestigious ceiling fan label Vento redefines the ceiling fan market with state of the art design and engineering excellence. Already recognised throughout Europe, the United States, Middle East and Asia for their performance, prestige and innovation, the arrival of Vento Fans is a first for the Australian market.

The Vento range includes five distinct styles in 18 different colours and finishes, with each model possessing a unique aesthetic and all resonating Italian flair. The prestigious range utilises only the best raw materials and components to ensure a durable product and high quality finish, and Vento adheres to strict quality-control and testing procedures throughout development and production

Vento Fans are powerful and capable of circulating more air than most other ceiling fans. Combined with their stylish look, the Vento range is set to appeal to Australia’s love for the alfresco lifestyle, and will make a great addition to both indoor and outdoor living spaces.

The Vento range features the following designs:

The iconic Uragano ceiling fan has five ABS/PC* moulded blades spanning 54 inches (1350mm). Inspired by the Italian word for ‘hurricane’, the Uragano has a powerful 130W high speed option and a reversible summer/winter switch. The summer setting turns the fan in an anticlockwise direction, pushing cool air downwards; whilst the winter setting moves hot air down, helping to reduce heating costs within the home. Available in six colours: red, black, white, yellow, walnut and clear.         
The Sole is a 46 inch (1150mm) ceiling fan with five curved blades, which spin around a central lamp like rays of glorious sunlight. The blades fold in around the lamp when stationary, creating an eye-catching lighting feature.
The elegant Fiore is a 42 inch (1054mm) ceiling fan with eight moulded blades. Fiore is the Italian word for ‘flower’ and true to its name, the blades open like an intricate flower to reveal a stylish lamp, and retract when not in use.
The streamlined Libellula resembles its Italian namesake, the ‘dragonfly’, with its sleek look and high speed of 130W. The 54 inch (1350mm) fan has five moulded ABS/PC high quality thermo-plastic blades and a central lamp. Available in three colours: clear, translucent red and translucent yellow.

At 13 inches (330mm) and weighing just 4.8 kilograms,
the chic Fino is the smallest fan in the range. Its three blades perfectly circulate air through small spaces such as a kitchen or cafe.  Available in three colours: black, yellow and natural, the Fino makes a modern statement.


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